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Alpha Technology Solutions is a custom software development firm dedicated to delivering quality, end-to-end application development and system integration services. Formerly Pace Data Systems Inc, for over 13 years, we have been developing state-of-the-art software solutions for both large and small businesses. As specialists in database application development for the supply chain industry our goal is to assist organizations in taking advantage of new technology and gain a competitive edge, while increasing productivity and reducing operating costs.

Alpha Technology Solutions is a customer-focused company that has achieved success through a dedicated focus on understanding the requirements of our customers and responding with software solutions that help our customers better achieve their business goals.

At Alpha Technology Solutions we recruit and hire only the best and the brightest technical and functional experts with demonstrated skills and proven track records. Our project-oriented organizational structure provides the quickest means to scope a project, form teams, and assign sufficient and appropriate personnel to complete projects on schedule and within budget.

Alpha Technology Solutions has also delivered countless custom software solutions across several different industries including the automobile, travel, food service and mobile telecom industry.
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide innovative, high-quality software solutions tailored to fit our customers' unique needs. We do this by building successful partnerships with our customers based on integrity, trust, and dependability.
Why Alpha?
Uncompromising Commitment to Quality
Alpha Technology Solutions provides premium-quality services and solutions based on unparalleled technical proficiency, all-round domain expertise, project management skills, and uncompromising commitment to quality.

Competitive Prices
Alpha Technology Solutions' price structure is very competitive and reasonable. To provide a superior value we must provide affordable and cost-effective solution. Through the efficiencies we gain by maintaining a highly skilled staff and by adhering to our proven methodologies, we are able to remain very competitive without compromising quality.  Every project is based on a fixed price proposal including any optional extras and ongoing support costs, thus enabling you to make the right choice.

Faster Lead Times and Streamlined Processes
Alpha’s project-oriented approach and our committed resource-pool of software engineers provides the fastest way to mobilize resources instantly to new projects, hence reducing to a minimum the lead time for the project start-up. Through many years of providing state-of-the-art software solutions, Alpha has been using a standardized and refined software development methodology which is solid and clearly defined, yet flexible to meet the individual needs of diverse custom solutions. This methodology represents a powerful combination of the best industry-proven practices and leading standards, and is focused on streamlining the development process.

Customer Focus
At Alpha Technology Solutions, we build business relationships with our customers based on our common goal of long-term cooperation, growth and prosperity. Our primary concerns as your software solution partner include:
  • Gaining insight into your specific business objectives.
  • Converting your business objectives into the most effective technical solutions.
  • Paying close attention to every little detail of every project.
  • Providing clear channels of communication and constant feedback to keep our customer abreast of the project progress.
  • Ensuring mutual understanding.
  • Delivering scheduled reports and updates.

On shore not off shore
In order to maintain control over the project’s timeframe and budget, and to guarantee continuous and effective communication, project team members are all local resources and work together in the same office most of the times